Moving from idea to tech startup MVP launch: A game-changing idea is not enough

Think you have what it takes to start a tech business and move your offering from concept to MVP launch? 

To get your idea off the ground, you’ll need more than a big idea – you’ll need a balanced combination of people, technology, and support.

It takes courage to step out of the ideation phase and into an action plan. 

How many people do you know who say things like, “I invented that before it was ever on the market!”, or, “They stole my idea!”? The key difference between them and you is that you have the wherewithal, and the guts to do more than ideate, which is probably why you’re reading this blog.

Yet, owning a game-changing idea alone isn’t enough to succeed. Entrepreneurs operate at a fast pace so sometimes “i’s” don’t get dotted, and “t’s” don’t get crossed.

 These errors can be costly and sometimes deadly. To set up and run your business you must deploy the right collection of skilled people with robust tools and proven technology which support a comprehensive plan. Then obtain support from a community that embraces your business model at launch as well as for the long term.

The steps you need to take for your tech startup

Hire right. 

Don’t be afraid to take an extra day to find candidates that fit what you’re seeking in skill, personality, or experience. The people you choose to represent your brand are a critical business decision. Utilization of tools that aid in the review of candidates, like the online assessments that use scientific methods to unveil attitudes and aptitudes quickly.

Consider freelance talent. 

The people who work to build, sell, and support your business don’t have to be on staff. Consider using the freelance talent available for every function in the business. From financial management to marketing strategy, there are fractional executives and executioners on the market who serve a variety of industries and business models. 

Most importantly, freelance workers can and should be hired “on a need-to-need basis” in order to stay within budget. Hiring freelancers is a great way to reduce payroll and other overhead expenses while obtaining the expertise needed to move the needle.

Use tech for your company. 

Just because you are selling a tech concept doesn’t mean you have all the technical support you need to run the business. Business-to-business service providers who specialize in niche offerings are often the secret sauce to the productivity and efficiency of how a start-up is run.

Find tools designed to help you stay the course and facilitate operations. To start, avoid following written steps for how to start your business. Instead, use an AI and/or ML backed system, like Precursa, to ensure you’re on track. 

Instead of signing checks by hand, find an automation platform. Instead of filing paper copies in a cabinet, maintain e-records in a secure environment or in the cloud. Rather than a manual log of customer issues and resolutions, use an application as a tracking tool. 

Really, anything that you need to get done should be as automated as possible so you can focus on other things.

Use tech for your customers. 

The world is smaller than ever thanks to the internet. This is an advantage for your business no matter what your technology is built to do. Now you can have a broader reach, faster. even reminds us that “you can generate a sale from your phone in your bed at 4 am if you so wished!”

Find tools that complement your offering so that they deliver to your customer feels seamless. Consider things like using a CRM to track activity and communication with prospects and customers. 

Think about apps or widgets that elevate your customer experience such as calculators on your website and implementing an instant chat service.

Leveraging community support

Without the right community supporting your start-up, you are at higher risk for failure. 

This is true for several reasons. 

Just like raising children, it takes a village to influence a new organization properly. 

Developing and nurturing relationships leads to product enhancement decisions and ongoing success with your market. 

Seeking community (your customers and fans) involvement with active listening and empathetic problem solving is 100% worth your time and effort. 

Some of the most innovative products are created because of addressing customer problems. Sometimes community involvement also results in solving a problem that they didn’t even know they had!

Precursa supports getting your game-changing idea off the ground in many ways. 

Our proprietary Precursa Score (™), AI and ML-driven platform, entrepreneurial roadmap, and community support give you quick and economical tools for your tech startup business that are unmatched. 

Want to learn more about how the Precursa Score™ guides you from the idea phase through actionable steps that ultimately move your business ahead?  Apply for an invite today.

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Cynthia Del'Aria is a serial entrepreneur and tech startup ninja, specializing in product-market fit and idea validation and helping new entrepreneurs reserve their time and money for the idea with the best shot at success. With two successful exits before 30, an active high-profit-margin SaaS in the commercial airline space, and two additional startups in the works, she knows what it takes to traverse the entrepreneur journey, the highs, and the challenges of turning a vision into a successful, viable business.
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