Cynthia Del'Aria

Cynthia Del'Aria is a serial entrepreneur and tech startup ninja, specializing in product-market fit and idea validation and helping new entrepreneurs reserve their time and money for the idea with the best shot at success. With two successful exits before 30, an active high-profit-margin SaaS in the commercial airline space, and two additional startups in the works, she knows what it takes to traverse the entrepreneur journey, the highs, and the challenges of turning a vision into a successful, viable business.

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Episode 52 - Entrepreneur Experience: Andy Zurcher Co-Founder & CEO of Kidiosity

Entrepreneur Experience: Andy Zurcher Co-Founder & CEO of Kidiosity

In this episode, Andy Zurcher, Co-Founder and CEO of Kidiosity, speaks about finding balance between the grittiness of growing a startup along and the patience that is needed especially while raising kids Andy talks about why him and his partner started Kidiosity to strengthen families and help today’s busy parents spend more intentional, quality time with their children. Listen now!

Episode 51 - Entrepreneur Experience: Kelly Keifer R.S.I.F. Advisors, Principal

Entrepreneur Experience: Kelly Kiefer R.S.I.F. Advisors, Principal

On this episode we dive into the importance of integrity in business and how it defines your true success. Kelly Kiefer shares her advice for women struggling to raise capital during a looming recession, the current and possible ripple effects plus lessons to learn from her impactful career like how to keep your entrepreneur intuition clear, you know what to do next! Go Listen now!

Episode 50 - Entrepreneur Experience: Carlos Gaitan, Co-Founder of Benchmark Lab

Entrepreneur Experience: Carlos Gaitan, Co-Founder of Benchmark Lab

Technology has huge and far-reaching impacts on just about every facet of our world. Perhaps one of the least understood impacts it can have is in agriculture, crop production, and the associated economies that depend on agriculture. (Like, ALL of us!) In this episode, co-founder of Benchmark Labs Dr Carlos Gaitan spends time with us to talk about building an AgTech company with meaningful impacts to farmers and consumers, and demystifies AI and Machine Learning in a way that will make you feel smarter. Listen now!

Episode 49 - Entrepreneur Experience: Monica Michelle, Founder of BloomTV

Entrepreneur Experience: Monica Michelle, Founder of BloomTV

Ever wondered what it looks like to take a common, seemingly everyday item and turn it into a media empire? Monica Michelle, founder of BloomTV, is my guest today, and she’s turned all things floral into a TV network that’s sure to put you into your zen-est of spaces. We talk about what it’s like to build a media company, the transition from baking with flowers to producing shows about them, and how walking away from a deal with Whole Foods was the pivot of a lifetime. Listen now!

Episode 48 - Founders Session: Not all advice is equal

Founders Session: Not all advice is equal

Hey hey hey, the gang’s all here! Back again for another wisdom-packed episode, Precursa’s co-founders Paige Goss, Sarah Jolly, and Cynthia Del’Aria dive into what is good advice, what’s bad advice, how do you know the difference, and how do you find good mentors and advisors. And are all incubator and accelerator programs created equal? How about everyone who sits on a panel or has a seat of “authority”? In this episode, you’ll find out who is worth your precious time to help you build your company and how to find them. We also bust a couple of “overnight success” myths and give you some good advice on finding good advice. Listen now!

Episode 47 - Entrepreneur Experience: Gary Tong, First-Time Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Experience: Gary Tong, First-Time Entrepreneur

In today’s episode, we get to talk to first-time founder Gary Tong, who is a dentist by trade and an aspiring entrepreneur by choice. Our conversation ranges from whether the entrepreneurial spirit is generational or not, to how to find a painful problem to solve as an entrepreneur, to whether an introvert can be a successful entrepreneur. If you’re waffling and wondering what taking the plunge looks like in its infancy, then Gary’s your guy. Listen now!

Episode 46 - Entrepreneur Experience: Deb Chromik, Serial Founder and Wise Woman

Entrepreneur Experience: Deb Chromik, Serial Founder and Wise Woman

What does it take to be an intentional entrepreneur, instead of an accidental one? And is there value in partnership vs going it alone? In today’s episode, guest Deb Chromik shares her wisdom on when (and how) to partner successfully, how to figure out what you really want to do with your life (and your business), and the importance of knowing yourself and listening to your audience when building something new. Plus, we hear a new strategy that just might change your fundraising journey for the better… Listen now!

Episode 45 - Starting (Up) a New Chapter

Starting (Up) a New Chapter

Sometimes in the life of a startup, there’s a pivot… A lightning strike… Or even a slow creeping up… something that shifts your trajectory, maybe a tiny bit or maybe a complete 180. For Precursa, we’ve had some realizations, recognized some truths, and had some hard conversations with ourselves. And it’s led to the start of a new chapter. If you’re the founder or CEO of a startup, you’ll likely be face with making tough decisions at some point in your journey, and this episode will help you navigate this (potentially challenging) situation, too.

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